The Mascoteers

Merge a 13-year-old girl with popularity issues and a group of underemployed mascots. What do you get? The least likely team of superheroes around! The Mascoteers is a light-hearted and humorous take on the superhero genre for the middle-grade audience.

Enter the Zebra (2016)
The Year of the Tiger, Coming in 2017

The Mascoteers has been shortlisted for Books at Berlinale in 2017.

The Bird Circle

A young girl has the unusual ability to see people’s memories in the shape of birds. In a dangerous world she has to protect what she holds dear – even if the cost is forgetting it all later.

A breathtaking YA trilogy mixes urban fantasy with Nordic Noir in a unique way.

The Summer of Swallows (2017)

Coming soon
As Far as the Robin Flies
The Wedge of Cranes



A group of teenage hackers come together to protect the world from peril as man takes on machine. 
Only… they’re on the machine’s side.

Harry Potter meets Mr Robot in a thrilling middle grade adventure story for the digital age.

Activate (2017)
Reboot (2018)
System Failure (2019)