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Our Story

As the former CEO of Rovio, Kaiken Founder Mikael Hed’s strategic vision took Angry Birds from a mobile game to a movie that grossed over 350m USD and built a major franchise worth hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue around the brand. Kaiken’s three Co-Founders as well as many members of our top team were on that journey with Mikael, honing our storytelling expertise in animation, publishing, digital platforms, TV and film. 

Kaiken allows us to take everything we’ve learned along the way and drive our storytelling vision further. Step by step, we tell stories through multimedia—TV, film, digital products and publishing. Block by block, we build the franchises around those storyworlds. 

We’ve achieved the impossible many times over. We’re ready to do it again.

Press kit

Please find our Press Kit here (One Sheet, Founders' Bios, Founders' Photos and other media):

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Press HITS

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