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The website has Google Analytics visitor tracking. Kaiken Entertainment Ltd. uses it to produce anonymous and statistical analyses on the number of website visitors as well as information on the pages the customers have visited and how much time they had spend on each page. In addition, statistics are compiled of the visitors' geographical location, with the precision of area.

The Google Analytics visitor tracking enables us to enhance our service level to the benefit of our customers. Google Analytics is widely-used on internet sites.

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Information about a subscriber of Kaiken Entertainment's newsletter is stored on the service provider’s servers, including on servers outside of the EU. The information stored is the subscribers email address. By subscribing to the newsletter the subscriber agrees to their information being transmitted to the service provider. The service provider is Mailchimp (USA).


Kaiken is committed to comply with GDPR regulations across all of our operations.

Customers can request information about the data Kaiken has stored related to them and request removal of their personally identifiable customer data via email to