Year: 1781

On the Day of Destruction, faceless soldiers annihilated all 108 Storm Ships. Five girls, ages 11-17, watched their home, Storm One, central command for Storm, the secret guardians of the sea, burn up in flames and their families destroyed. Only they survived…

Fierce and fiery Charlie leads smart but stubborn Sadie, cool and calm Liu, romantic Raquel and fearless Ingela as they are chased by mysterious forces in an adventure that takes them all over the Seven Seas. They weren’t born as blood, but as they learn to trust each other in order to survive, with each hardship they face, their sisterhood is strengthened.

As the girls search for the people who destroyed Storm, secrets rise to the surface that threaten to drown them all.

Storm Sisters is a character girls’ action adventure that explores contemporary, universal themes of love, identity and growing-up.


Charlie, 17. Fierce. Fiery. A leader under pressure. With her trusted sword by her side, she’ll do whatever it takes to protect her girls. But, both her hot-head and secret broken heart make her a vulnerable target.

Sadie, 16. Smart. Scientist. The heart of the girls. Sadie’s deadliest weapon is her brain. She believes her combination of smarts and heart make her a better leader than Charlie and she’s not afraid to let her know it.

Liu, 15. Calm. Loyal. Still waters run deep. Liu showed up on Storm One as a refugee with her mother, fleeing from a dark past. She’s the one they all count on. But how long until her buried secrets rise to the surface?

Raquel, 15. Charismatic. Romantic. Vengeful. Raquel uses her star power to get the girls out of plenty of tight jams. But underneath her sweet façade is a heart filled with vengeance. She’s going to find the man who killed her Papa and when she does, all she wants is revenge, pure and simple.

Ingela, 11. Unpredictable. Unstoppable. A force of nature. She’s a fearless fighter who will defend Storm until the end. Ingela uses her fists to fight through the deep sea of emotion dwelling underneath. Will her recklessness end up costing them all?


Storm Sisters Novels

Follow the breathtaking journey in this five-book series that takes our girls from Shanghai to America and all around the world as they try to unlock the mystery of their past, present and future.


The Books

Translated in 8 languages and launched in 20 territories.:

The Sinking World (2015, shortlisted for 2015 Books at Berlinale)

The Frozen Seas (2016)

The Ocean of Secrets (2017)

Coming Soon:

The Rivers of Loss (2018)

The Blood and the Water (2019)

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Mintie Das

Mintie Das was born in India, raised in the US and lives in Finland. She’s been traveling the world since childhood and always finds inspiration from the discovery of the unknown. For the last ten years, Mintie organized international criminal justice symposiums around the world. Right now, she’s also writing another young adult series, Brown Girl, inspired by her life.


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